We will be fully reopen and serving from our new menu. Thank you to all who have visited us and sampled some of the new dishes whilst we’ve just been open for outdoor & takeaway service but now it’s time to get back indoors!!

You all know the rules by now so let’s hopefully have just five more weeks of the rule of six/two households and then back to normal!! Mind I still don’t think some of us are back to hugging and PDAs so we might keep that rule for a while longer ????

Just remember we will busy so we not might serve you as fast as an Aldi check out assistant but we will try. Follow the rules – they’re not ours but we need to follow them. Also don’t be a “Karen” because it won’t wash with us ????

Enjoy yourselves you’ve not been inside for months … Bamburgh is a great place and we’ve got the best food and drink to go along side perfectly ????????see you all very soon